Terms and Conditions


At StartUpFurnitureSales.com, we are committed to delivering the best customer experience possible. We listen to you, our customer, and try to find the best solution to assist you in achieving your office furniture acquisition goals.


Prices shown for items in this website’s gallery pages are for merchandise only. Unless your Virginia-based business is exempt from sales tax or your business is out-of-state, Virginia sales tax will be added to each item purchase, While we strive for excellence in all aspects of our business, errors may occur. We will attempt to correct errors, if any, displayed on the website as soon as possible. If any errors occur, StartUpFurnitureSales.com reserves the right not to honor the pricing errors on this website.


All sales of office furniture and other merchandise is sold by StartupFurnitureSales.com under the following terms and conditions:

  • All items and merchandise displayed on this website are sold subject to availability.
  • All sales are final – no returns or refunds permitted.
  • All purchases must be paid in-full at time of customer pick-up or before seller delivery.
  • Acceptable forms of payment are cash, cashiers’ check, company check or credit card. Cashiers’ check and company checks must be received two days before scheduled pickup or scheduled delivery – no exceptions. Personal checks not accepted.
  • All office furniture and/or merchandise is sold in “AS IS”, “WHERE AS” condition. Customers are encouraged to thoroughly inspect purchases before deciding to buy and pay for an order.
  • Customer is responsible for ensuring that the items purchased can be delivered through the door of their office, home, or building. Customers are encouraged to “measure twice” before purchasing merchandise or placing an order. If we cannot deliver the item (for example a large desk) because it will not fit through the door in your building, the Customer is still responsible for taking possession of the purchased item.
  • StartUpFurnitureSales.com will only take the undeliverable item back if the Customer pays at time of removal a “Removal Fee” to us in the amount of $200. We reserve the right to re-sell the item(s), at our discretion, once item(s) are removed from the Customer’s premises under the “Removal Fee” policy.


Pick up
StartupFurnitureSales.com encourages customers to choose to pick up their office furniture purchases from our warehouse/storage facility. This option provides our customers with the greatest dollar savings. StartupFurnitureSales.com shall control and specify the times that a customer can pick up purchases. We will make every effort to accommodate busy schedules, within reason.

At time of pickup, Customer assumes full responsibility for the safe removal of purchased items to include securing purchased items into and/or onto their vehicle, and transport. Customer is responsible for bringing all necessary personnel, tools, bindings, and padding necessary to move item from from our warehouse/storage facility to their vehicle. Customer assumes full responsibility for the supervision and safety of their personnel at all times.

All pickups must be made by someone that has attained the age of 18.

StartupFurnitureSales.com charges a delivery fee of $200 per trip for delivery of office furniture and/or merchandise to your office, home, or building if customer’s delivery address is within the DC metro area. Special processing costs apply for orders placed where customer’s delivery address is outside of the DC metro area. All deliveries above the ground floor (ground-level entryway) must have an elevator that can accommodate the size of the item purchase. Customer assumes responsibility for “measuring twice” to ensure that all items purchased can fit in a working elevator in their building. Undeliverable items will be subject to a Removal Fee of $200.

We cannot deliver merchandise to anyone under the age of 18.

All sales are final. Customer must inspect delivered office furniture and/or merchandise for damages, if any, incurred by delivery and/or problems with order accuracy, if any, at time of delivery. Once the driver has left the customer’s premises, subsequent reports of damage or problems with order accuracy will not be honored.

Cancellation before Delivery
Since all orders must be prepaid before delivery, a Customer may postpone delivery only two times. After two postponements, the order will be canceled, at our discretion, and Customer’s prepayment returned within five (5) business days.